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Best online casinos in Canada reviewed in-depth with included bonuses for new players

Play online craps in Canadian casinos

craps online Playing craps in Canadian online casinos is funny, but if you are new to the game it can be also pretty expensive. This is why is very important to learn basic rules of this great game before start rolling dice for real money. As you can notice on the bottom of this page, we have listed four popular casinos with online craps tables and all of them accept Canadians. If you want to try game for fun you can play craps on and similar sites, but we like their version from Playtech and Bet365 casino so this is our favourite.

With every site we are listing sign-up bonus in case you are interested, but please read the terms to check what is bonus contribution from the craps game.

Basic rules of Craps

Land based craps game can jolt you from all angles with its quick and crowded gameplay. Playing online gives you the opportunity to learn the rules and make smart bets that will increase the likelihood of winning. The positive news is that there are more good bets to make than bad bets, so the range of difficulty isn't high at all.
Here are some game basics that are applied when playing offline, so they are the same in online version, except there are no other players on the table.

The objective of the game is to bet on dice roll results by a shooter (person rolling the dice). Player can bet on any dice roll result. To keep shooting, the shooter must keep winning otherwise the dice is passed on to the next person. First, the computer rolls a pair of dice in an initial "come-out" roll. If it adds up to 7 or 11, they win and roll the dice again. If the totals are 2, 3, or 12, the shooters lose and the dice is passed on to the next player. A value of 4-6 or 8-10 allows the shooter to keep on rolling, and the numbers that show up are coined "the point". After a come-out roll makes a point, the shooter continues to shoot until he matches the come-out roll again or until they roll a 7. Other players positioned around the table must place bets on the come out rolls and the rolls after that. Other players on the table can bet for or against the current shooter.
Betting against the shooter in craps is widely considered disrespectful, so playing online could present a more comfortable way of betting against your counterpart.

  • Bet365 (9/10): Playtech version, welcome bonus of CAD 150.
    Bet365 craps

  • Sloto Cash (8/10): RTG version, bonus of $500.
    Sloto Cash craps

  • Comeon (8/10): NetEnt and Microgaming version, bonus of CAD 35.
    Comeon craps

  • 888 (7/10): Proprietary version, bonus up to CAD 200.
    888casino craps